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C. von Economo & G. Koskinas

Cytoarchitectonics of the Cerebral Cortex of the Adult Human

= Translation of the entire text of C. von Economo, G. Koskinas: Die Cytoarchitektonik der GroƟhirnrinde des erwachsenen Menschen, J Springer Verlag, Wien (Vienna), 1925

This translation had its origin in the 1970s when I was studying the human auditory cortex at the Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany). From then until the 1990s relevant bits and pieces were translated as either friends or I needed them. In the early 2000s I decided to finish the job, but work commitments etc prevented me from completing it until late 2008. I have attempted to find a publisher to make this generally available at least as a CD or eBook, but have failed.

The text is provided as HTML files. The text figures and plates are links in the text. There are several parts, which are partially stored on Google Drive. Unzip any downloaded file in the same folder, and you should get a folder
with the text files, and the Figures and Plates in subfolders /FigG /Plates

English translation of text, html file zipped, stored here

English translation of text, including 162 Figures in "GIF" format, zipped, 19 MB, stored here

same as above, 19 MB, stored on Google Drive

German text (original), html file zipped, stored here

Atlas Plates (112) - in 2004 I purchased digital scans of the original Plates from the German Medizinische Zentralbibliothek in Cologne. Space restrictions prevent me from making them available here.

Plates, zipped, 498 MB, on Google Drive

Portable Personal Health Record - PPHR

This is a J2ME application for cellphones which support basic Java (J2ME).

PPHR User Guide zipped

PPHR installable jar file

PPHR evaluation form in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, zipped

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